Ask the Nutritionista: Will Eating Collagen Increase it in the Skin?

Jenny: Will eating collagen increase collagen in my skin?


Fabulous question!  The simple answer is no, eating collagen or applying a topical product containing collagen does not directly increase collagen in the skin.

When we eat collagen, like any other type of protein is broken down into its building blocks amino acids during digestion.  These amino acids are used and reassembled as needed throughout the body to repair, regenerate, build enzymes, and more.


Ask the Nutritionista: Will eating collagen increase the collagen in my skin?


However, we do need adequate quality protein (along with other nutrients) in order for the skin, bone, and other soft tissues to be able to better repair themselves and stay healthy.  So quality collagen sources like grassfed bone broth, powders, or supplements can potentially be helpful for some, although collagen in does not directly result in collagen production in any specific tissue or location.  A well formulated vitamin C serum applied topically can help over time, though.



On the same note, applying collagen skincare products will not result in increased collagen production either.  Collagen molecules are too big to penetrate the skin topically, but collagen in skincare products does work well as a basic moisturizer.

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