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I have always been obsessed with beauty in all of its wondrous forms.  Makeup and humans yes, but art, nature, animals, music, plants…  Everything.  Even when I was little, I played with makeup every chance I could get my hands on it.  Much to the chagrin of my much younger sister, when I was in my teens I would also play with makeup on her every chance she would let me.  Sorry Kayla.  😛


Beauty is very much a quality that is cultivated from the outside in just as much as it is from the inside out.  Our eating habits, lifestyle, skincare habits, and beauty routine all play a vital role in helping us look and feel our very best.  It isn’t just a single factor.  Everything works together.



But that being said, some products are better than others.  Not just in efficacy, and how they live up to their claims, but also their performance and value.  I test out so many beauty products, and share my reviews with family, friends, and clients all the time, so I decided it was high time that I share them with all of my readers as well.


So I am very excited to announce that I will be adding beauty reviews to the Nutritionista blog.  I have high expectations for products regardless of their price point.  Why use just ok products when there is something amazing that you could use instead for the same price?  Formulas and performance have come so far over the last ten years or so, and I want to give you my unbiased and honest opinion on which products are worth the splurge and which are better to pass on.

I also have a bit of a thing for reviewing foundation for pale skin, because there are so few brands out there that even have one option for us, let alone shades that cater to our various depth, undertone, and coverage needs.  I actually hate calling fair skin “pale skin” as I think has negative connotations and is inherently body shaming.  I much prefer to call it fair skin, or porcelain or alabaster.  Hell, I call myself a porcelain princess.  😉


Although it is really nice to see that a few brands are expanding from their typical oxidation-prone yellow and orange-pink toned shades that cater only to those in the light to medium range.  More and better options for everyone in the very light and medium-deep to very deep ranges are desperately needed.  It’s time to celebrate the natural beauty of ALL of our diverse skin tones.


So stay tuned for beauty and skincare reviews that will be launching very soon!  I have reviews for The Ordinary, Fenty Beauty, Becca Cosmetics and more in the pipeline in the coming weeks.  What are you most excited about?  Do you have any requests for specific product reviews?

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